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Get The Tissues Ready!

Imagine watching The Olympics, Tour de France, NBA Championships, etc. ... without the emotional stories about the athletes. The producers could just show the athletes on the sidelines, the fans, stats-but that would get boring very quickly.

We already know a lot about the "star players," so videos about their childhood and rise to fame is content that most folks at home have already seen. Instead, the producers of these shows create emotional biographical clips about the more obscure players that captivates viewers at home.

This formula can be used for your organization as well! By now, hopefully your mission statement and journey are out there, but what about the first product launch? First office, in-store, first big break? These are the "obscure players" that definitely deserve 3 minutes of screen time to seque back into your organization's daily operations.

These honest stories will help to make your brand stronger not just externally, but internally with your team as well!

Stories that are honest, succinct, and that have visuals are always captivating. If you need a hand, just give a shout, storytellers are standing by!

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