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What's In A Name?

About 2 years ago I was in downtown Puerto Iguazú, Argentina, and stumbled upon this business and had a massive fit of laughter in the street with people looking at me oddly.

Tourist Agency With A Big Plane Over The Door
Turismo Dick Puerto Iguazu

It's a REAL travel agency that surely has a wonderful hard-working team that is completely oblivious that Americans and British folks will definitely raise eyebrows with the name.. and logo.

This is their logo:

Logo For Dick's Travel Agency With A Plane And A Globe
Turismo Dick Logo

We have questions for the owner.

Did they test the name before launching the business with their friends and family? Was the business name thrown around at a cocktail party (couldn't resist the pun)?

Are they and the graphic designer Austin Powers fans?

LOTS of questions.

I'm an avid believer in small businesses creating hyper-local cross-promotions during the holiday season. Buying local builds community, cross promotions expand customer reach, and it's also a way to create a small business support system. But not ALL businesses should do cross-promotions.

After seeing the Dick's Travel sign, I crossed the street and saw a veterinarian clinic that appeared to be having an adoption drive because there were adorable puppies in the window. There was also a chalkboard easel sign on the sidewalk advertising their promotion for the month. "25% off castrations for the month of December."

I glanced over at Turismo Dick and just shook my head.

man covering his eyes and shaking his head in disbelief

What are the funniest business names, or promotions you've seen around the globe?

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